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Wax Atelier

A Pair Of Dining Candles

A Pair Of Dining Candles

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Dining Candles naturally dyed and made from beeswax. Perfect for the entire of the table.  

Pink Blossom Collection  - is inspired by one of the most conspicuous blossoms of the English gardener. This collection is made from a special blend of beeswax and rose wax, one of the most refined plant-based waxes.When lit, the candles release a subtle scent of Rose.

Groundnut Collection - candles are made from pure beeswax, and releases a very delicate honey scent. Perfect for the centre of a dining table.

Barberry Collection - A pair of hand-dipped beeswax dining candles available in NEW shade: Barberry

When burnt, the candle release a subtle aroma of honey. Perfect for the centre of a dining table.

Dimension and burning time:
21 cm x ø2.1 cm / 6-7 hours (per candle)

100% pure beeswax,  cotton wick.

Notes -

Wax Atelier re-visits traditional techniques ranging from candle dipping, paper making, to crafted textiles using natural wax. Making becomes a tool to experience the interconnection between the natural world and material culture.

WAX Atelier was founded in 2017 by multi-disciplinary designers Lola Lely and Yesenia Thibault-Picazo, in London. Their products are manufactured in Poplar, East London, by a team of trained artisans, originating from the local community.


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