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A Pair Stubby Candles

A Pair Stubby Candles

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The Stubby Candles. Perfect for the centre of a dining table.

Burn time 8-10 hours per candle.

This collection is made from a special blend of beeswax and rose wax, one of the most refined plant-based waxes.

When lit, the candles release a subtle scent.

Goldenrod - 

A pair of hand-dipped beeswax stubby candles. This collection is made simply from pure beeswax. The candles release a subtle aroma of honey. Perfect for the centre of a dining table.

Seaweed - 

A pair of hand-dipped stubby beeswax candles available in a deep sea green colour. When lit these candles release a subtle aroma. Made from 100% pure beeswax with a cotton wick, natural materials of honey, green tea and orange peel provide their natural subtle scent.


Dimensions & Burn Time -

12 cm x ø4cm / 8 - 10 hours (per candle)

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