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Procrastination by Fuschia M. Sirois

Procrastination by Fuschia M. Sirois

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Why do we procrastinate? How can we stop wasting time, and finish our work?

Drawing on the latest theory and research, this book explains why people procrastinate, and provides practical, evidence-based strategies to help you stop delaying, complete your tasks, and fulfill your potential. At the heart of procrastination are your emotions and ability to regulate your mood. In this book you will learn how to dial down negative emotions, and replace old habits with new ones that can help you stay on track with your tasks and goals. You will also learn how to treat your procrastination with compassion, rather than harsh judgements or complicated analyses of your motivation.

Handy worksheets in the book help you recognize reasons why a task might be triggering negative feelings, plus how to be more self-compassionate, and how to build meaning into the everyday tasks that help you reach your goals. This book is ideal for anyone who struggles with procrastination, or knows someone who does, and who is looking for evidence-based insights and strategies for dealing with procrastination.

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